• Amanzi Bungee Cord- Zesty
  • Amanzi Bungee Cord- Zesty

Amanzi Bungee Cord- Zesty

Only $7.50

The AMANZI Bungee Cord - Zesty has been designed to fit any goggles that allow for a replacement strap. Bungee cords can also be used a shoe lace allowing for easy and fast adjustment.


  • Quick speed cord lock for easy adjustment and secure fit
  • Super stretchy elastic with woven outer layer
  • Tapered ends for easy threading
  • Comfortable fit and gentle on hair
  • Long lasting, strong and durable


  • Length 110cm
  • Tapered at each end to allow for easy threading
  • Thickness 3.2mm

Replacing the Strap

  • Thread bungee cord through both strap holes of the goggle lens
  • Slide quick speed cord lockover both bungee cord ends
  • Use the quick speedo cord lock to adjust for a personalised fit