DMC Elite Fins- Gold

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Sizing Chart
How to measure.


All feet are different, so fitting a foot into a fixed shape foot cavity of moulded flexible material is an inexact science. That makes it very hard for us to tell you exactly what size you will need without you trying it on.

We have tried to give you enough information to guide you to make an informed decision on the best size for your feet.

Our fin sizes are pretty close to shoe sizes but our different models have slight variations in their unique foot cavity – universal, or specific left & right.

Rule 1:   Check Length - Measure heal-to-toe of your foot to see that it would fit into the foot cavity.

Rule 2:   Check your regular shoe size, e.g., US Mens, US Womens, and Euro to see if it is close to your shoe size.

Rule 3:   Ask yourself if you like your fins to fit snug, or not. Allow +/- 3-5mm in length for your ideal comfort.

DMC swim Training Short fins are made from SILICONE and are super comfortable with much less chance of abrasion than rubber swim fins.

These swim training short fins by DMC are great for Lap swimming and particularly Serious Swim Training Used by many Olympic Class Swimming Athletes in Training and Warm Ups.

Designed in Australia these fins are made from silicone to provide superior comfort and reduce the chance of abrasion. These fins are perfect for all levels of swimming, from the occasional recreational swimmer to dedicated swimmer training for Nationals and beyond.


  Asymmetrical design
  Individual left and right foot pockets
  Soft silicon construction
  Exceptional resistance to tearing, splitting
  UV proof
  Foot strap for increased flexibility